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International Industrial Internet and Industrial Communication Exhibition 2019
As a product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, the Industrial Internet is profoundly transforming the innovation, production, management and service methods of traditional industries, and has spawned many new technologies, new models, new formats, new industries, and increasingly become new industries. The key support of the revolution and an important cornerstone of "Internet + advanced manufacturing".
King Pigeon--the leading IoT RTU Manufacture,will show you our high tech iot devices:
GSM 3G 4G Modbus Gateway,Cellular RTU,4G Lora Data Acquisition,Power Measuring RTU,Electrical Fire Monitoring System,Ethernet Remote I/O Modules,CANOPEN/DeviceNet Remote IO Modules,Sensor to cloud and so on.
Welcome to visit our booth!

Exhibition Information:
Booth: 3-E81
Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center, ShangHai
Date:  Feb 26th -Mar 1st, 2019

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